Angels Whisper

Listen to your Spirit Guides and Angels; they speak to you every day. Allow them to guide, heal, and help you maintain your inner balance through prayer and meditation. You are loved and blessed - you are beautiful.

Why come to us?

You are here because you have chosen the path of Enlightenment; you are open to learning new, amazing things and to broaden your horizons even when that means letting go of old habits and creeds and simply embracing the energy and knowledge that most resonates with you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a little curious, or with the feeling of wanting to know and become more; you are simply following the path on which you were meant to be, which you chose before being incarnated here on Earth as a human being.

That's right, it's no mystery anymore: you have chosen your own destiny through your Spirit or Higher Self, and now you are here to live and experience everything that you were most drawn to, in order to learn and to allow your consciousness to grow, thus helping to expand the Universal Consciousness, which connects all that is.

Since the beginning of time, human beings have always wished to find a way of knowing what life and the future had in store for them; that is how many of the wonderful Divination tools were born, including the art of reading one's future with the help of Oracle and Tarot cards. This type of reading is not invasive in any way, but is only used to give you some guidelines on where you are at the present moment and what the best choice you could make is, in order to get the most desired outcome, for the greater good of all.

In a sense, it is impossible that one could go astray: we are constantly being guided and directed by our Spirit Guides, Guardians, Angels, and by our inner voices, which we often define as 'intuition' or 'gut feeling'. There are, however, moments when we may feel lost and uncertain about the future and what step to take next.

This is where the cards come in: they are an amazingly powerful tool which can give us insight on where we are stuck and how to start moving in order to bring ourselves out of the oppressive feelings of stagnation and helplessness. For many years now, I have studied many Card Reading and Divination methods and strived to design the most efficient card spreads and questions which would help me better understand the guidance and messages that the Universe is sending you towards these Oracle and Tarot Readings.

In addition, I often like to integrate other mediums such as a Pendulum or Crystals, in order to get the most out of your Readings, and to clearly understand the message. My goal is to always be able to give my best and to be as open and connected to the purest and most wonderful entities, your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels, who are willing to help us decipher the messages that I get for you. It is all a matter of collaboration: everything is connected, and we are all part of the bigger picture, which once seen, can give us amazing powers and wonderful experiences.

There are, however, a few things that no one, for various reasons, can control (or is supposed to control); sometimes the Divine Plan is so much greater than we, as humans, can even begin to understand, and this is why we should avoid interfering with the natural course of things, for the greater good. Therefore, it is my obligation to mention that in the Readings and Healing sessions, I prefer avoiding direct questions about medical, financial, or legal matters (and even when I sense the answer, I choose not to divulge it, in order to preserve the balance and harmony in which the Universe, at least from my own perspective, is residing). Many Readers respect this way of things, and I am sure that you can understand why. 

So, keeping that in mind, I hope that you shall come to find your Answers here, with the help of your wonderful Spiritual Guides :)

This is my first time having a reading with Nina and have never felt so loved, understood, and cared for. Though we did this reading on chat, not even hearing each other's voices, she gave me insight about my situation that only I knew: My struggles with self-esteem and isolation. 

The Angels even gave her a symbolism very personal to me: The rose, which really helped confirm the reading. She used both Oracle and Tarot cards and weaved the insights together so fluidly, like I was watching my life story unfold. 

As she explained each card, I felt my intuition kicking in and I saw visions of myself along with it. The reading feels like someone very loving and wise holding your hand while going through your pains, uncertainties, and strengths. 

It's a deeply peaceful and healing experience! Nina is truly touched by Angels! Thank you so much.

Therese Castro

Angel Life Coach

More about us

Nina Laiberg,

20+ years of experience with Intuitive Angel and Tarot Readings, Angelic Healing and Angelic communication. Angelic Counselor and founder of Angels Whisper, Treasure Goddess at Certified Angelic Healing Practitioner and member of the International Association of Therapists. Linguist, Graphics and Web Designer with a degree in Languages and formal studies in IT Engineering, Web Development, and Software Programming.

It's not something very obvious, yet life often ends up teaching us that the greatest guide through darkness is someone who has spent much time within its folds, fighting fear, depression, grief, or loneliness. From a young age, Nina Laiberg has experienced those symptoms typical of a Lightworker, which often led her to feel uncomfortable in her own skin, unneeded and misunderstood: whilst all the other children were playing outside, she spent most of her days in solitude and meditation, trying to understand the meaning of her existence and life itself - to catch a glimpse of the multiple facets that make us all real. 

She soon discovered that, contrary to many popular beliefs, no one is always in a state of serenity, bliss, or happiness: once small and delicate babies who did not have the capacity to fully perceive and comprehend this reality without feeling overwhelmed, we all grew to learn of hope, loss, joy, and sadness; though we may have found our lives out of balance, or been uncertain how to express ourselves fully and genuinely, we often experienced bursts of wisdom and creativity, which led us to become who we currently are.

At the age of five, Nina noticed that she was never truly alone: during all her waking hours, and even whilst she was asleep, there was always a constant presence which, delicate and reassuring, would often answer her questions, guiding her through times of solitude and the feeling of timelessness. She soon began communicating with these presences, which she defines as Angels and, with their help, started to understand how to connect these contrasting feelings, in order to create balance and harmony in her life. 

The more she discovered about these wonderful Beings, the more she realised that they could help not just her, but everyone around her: people who believe in synchronicities and the power of unconditional Love. Hoping to spread more of the teachings which she learnt from her Angels, and to assist those in need, Nina created Angels Whisper, a wonderful community which aspires to bring happiness and harmony into everyone's lives, starting from their Self.

Angels Whisper is now her voice, which she uses to help and guide those in times of need; it is a place and a mindset, an honest, hopeful environment that wishes to give guidance and teachings from the Angels, to assist anyone who seeks this community in both daily and transcendent life.